2 Dec 2011

another candle

this is the candle I have done today,I found that using a white core candle and dipping in pink that it gives me a two colour look then I finished it off with little silk roses just for decoration, quite easy to do you do need a star shaped mould to make the core candle with and what would we do without youtube,check it out just type in carved candles and some are wonderful


  1. Wow this is just stunning Dorothy.xxx

  2. oh wow you have really got the hang of these candles .. so pretty
    Lisa x

  3. So beautiful Dorothy.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  4. Hiya Dorothy I was wondering where you had got to it seems ages since you last posted i hope that you are ok and that Billy and Bob are looking after you. Wow, wow, wow, Dorothy these candles are absolutely awesome what beautiful shapes you are one diverse and clever crafter they look amazing.
    Lorraine x

  5. You are on a roll Dorothy that is another stunning candle, love the flowers on it to. hugs Shirleyxxx