21 Sep 2016

Tunnel cards

These are two cards I made using my silouette cameo 

31 Aug 2016

Paper wedding dress

This is the paper wedding dress I made for my local churches festival it had 1215 flowers and leaves on it,I was asked to do Autumn this is what I came up with the flowers are punched out of white paper with a pearl trim in the middle,as I got toward the bottom I used Coptic markers to shade it

11 May 2016

Pin cushion

This little pin cushion of a gingerbread girl is made using tea died cotton fabric,she is in a cup and saucer,the cotton reels are glued into the saucer and the face is painted,think I may make some more of these

Rag doll

This is a rag doll I made,she has a painted face,she is made of calico,her clothes were made using a collection of fat quarters with a denim look

21 Apr 2016

Order done

These are a few little birds I've been making for an order they turned out not to bad 

21 Mar 2016

New today

Orange and oatmeal soap

Today I've been trying something a bit different for me,this soap is peach colour on the first layer with oatmeal in it and orange perfume,after this set I melted clear soap base added orange zest and colour and poured it on top,wrapped in cling film,then added lace and a silk rose,loved doing these.

18 Mar 2016

Three new soaps

These are today's soap,one plain and two that I tried to make look like wedgewood

17 Mar 2016

New packaging for baby soap

This is my new packaging for baby soaps,I wanted to have a soap dish for the flannel to sit on but I couldn't find any that were in the price range that I wanted so I managed to find some plastic containers that looked a bit like a bath and the flannel  sits
on top I think they are ok,and they may sell,
I seem to spend most of my time thinking up new ideas,and never quite getting it right,I have dozens of  
Crafts that I have started and never got round to finishing before another pops into my head 

17 Feb 2016

Initial soaps

I was quite excited when I found a way of transferring pictures on to my soaps,this new way means that I can resize any picture,including photo's on to soap

22 Jan 2016


This is a quilt that I have made for my granddaughters 16th birthday,it's made with a gelly roll and in the style of quilt as you go