25 Aug 2010

a blog award from Lisa

I was given this award from Lisa,her blog mess to magic, and she asks to add 7 things about myself
1 I was a cub scout leader for 15 years and loved every minute of it
2 I have been married for 50 years to a wonderful man
3 I have been singing in my church choir for 25 years
4 I applied to go on deal or no deal and got to the final round but didnt get picked to go on the show, my biggest regret,
5 I used to be able to change out of casual clothes, into a uniform in the middle of a field without showing any skin
6 I once absailed down a 35 foot tower,I was scared
7 I love all animals but I am very afraid of cows
now to pass it on to blogs that I love to visit

barbara diane

24 Aug 2010

craft club projects

last night was craft club and Jenny and Leila did the project we made these envelope cards we were shown how to make the card and then decorated them how we wished,I did the christmas one at the club then had to leave early, so the one with flowers I did today at home,
entered for craft your passion also crazy challenge