12 Oct 2014

Raised flower granny square

Just learnt to do this off YouTube
Brilliant tutorial for left handed people

15 Sep 2014

Little mice

Well I am back again after such a long time,and I suppose I have lost all of my followers now these are some little mice I have been making to fulfil an order my friend asked me to make for her,just made out of felt,the pattern is very easy just three pieces
Makes a sweet pin cushion

8 Aug 2014

Swaddle babies

Not done any card making for a while I joined a patch working class and am loving it ,although this little project has nothing at all to do with that I saw this baby on Pinterest and loved it I have made a few for my craft stall if anyone is interested in them I will put a tutorial on how to make them

22 Jan 2014

Two little tags

These are two tags that I have done to go on birthday presents

18 Jan 2014

Natalie's memory quilt

This is a quilt I have done for my daughter in law,for Christmas in January ,she is Dutch and goes home to weesp at Christmas so she and my son invite the family to a second Christmas the photos are resized to 4.5inches and are printed on printable cotton,I get mine from craft creations plus, I hope she will like it 

6 Jan 2014

Christmas bauble

Not been on my blog for such a long time but I have been crafting this is the start of a new year when I hope to catch up with old friends and make new ones,I am looking forward to seeing all you have done, I have entered this into hobby house challenge using ribbons the ribbon was bought at the hobby house also the lace also alsorts anything goes along with brown sugar chalenges and creative fingers and sir  stampalot challenge, anyway this ornament is done with fabric on a foam ball,slit all round into 8segments and fabric is pushed into the grooves then decorated I hope you like it