13 Oct 2009

fantasy book

my dear friend Dianne, made this beautiful book and gave it to me, thank you Di I will treasure it,please excuse the back ground I was so eager to get it on my blog  I didnt clear up I have tried to show the attention to detail I'm sure you can see how beautiful it is please scroll down and see the other two pics it is made from an old hard back book,the pages are rolled stuck with a glue gun,then sprayed gold,after that all the beautiful bits are added,you have to see it to realise how much is on it


  1. Oh my... This is so beautiful and full of special things! I love it... I am sure you had fun making this creation. It is a work of art...


  2. I've seen this in real life and it is stunning! What a treasure, no wonder you couldn't wait to get it home and post photos of it.